Montessori ValuesWoodbridge Montessori Academy (WMA) provides a safe, healthy and nurturing learning environment for children from 6 weeks to 12 years of age with programs that meet their individual needs during each stage of development.

At WMA, we are always delighted to take care of your children and be in their company. We are dedicated to providing quality childcare in a safe and nurturing environment where children can learn through a combination of open-ended and structured learning activities.

Montessori materials are carefully sequenced so that each activity has an orderly and logical process to follow. This allows children to organize their thinking and improves their problem-solving skills. Students are encouraged to actively explore their interests and to use all of their senses to gain knowledge and understanding.

We encourage our children to pursue their interests, actively explore and develop at their own pace. Our program utilizes a combination of individualized and group learning activities. The program aims to develop children intellectually, socially, emotionally, physically and linguistically, as well as to teach and promote multiculturalism and open-mindedness.

Montessori Learning Culture

The Montessori environment is designed to satisfy this innate motivation toward self-development. It is through self-development or “work”, that the child is led to the mastery of social skills, academic concepts and critical, creative thinking.

Low student-to-teacher ratio

A low student-to-teacher ratio makes it possible to offer personal attention and accommodation in a non-competitive environment.
In our classrooms, learning takes place as a result of the child’s active participation, experimentation and practice with specialized manipulative materials.

Security Controlled building access

We have state of the art security systems with access control for every parent so you can be sure that only authorized people are picking up your children.

Remote secured Online view

We offer a password protected complete classroom access with our live camera feeds.
Catch every development with the highest-quality viewing experience available. Extremely easy to use – if you can get online, you can watch your child.

Before and After School Programs

WMA offers care for elementary student’s ages up to 12 years before and after school.
We provide snacks, organized games and projects, a place to relax, and time and space to run and play. Students can get assistance with their homework from experienced staff members.

Nutritionist Recommended Menu

A nutritious, well-balanced diet promotes a healthy lifestyle and good nutrition improves a child’s ability to learn. A vegetarian option is also available. Our food menu is approved by certified Nutritionist.


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